Celebrating Baseball This Summer


When you think about things you love about summer, what comes to mind? There seems to be an endless list, but there are a few things will pop up for everyone: barbeques, trips to the beach, and of course baseball! Baseball and the summertime go hand-in-hand; everyone has memories of cheering on your favorite team from the stands on a sunny afternoon day. To help you catch baseball fever this summer, check out some of these great baseball-themed projects, tips and ideas that you and your family can enjoy!

Homemade Baseball Bracelets

Got any old, roughed-up baseballs in the garage or shed? In just a few minutes, you can turn that old ball into an awesome bracelet that any baseball fanatic will enjoy! Simply cut the leather around the iconic red stitching and pull a bit of the stitching out to tie the bracelet off around your wrist.

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Organize a Wiffle ball Game/Tournament

Neighborhood baseball games are fun, given that every one has the proper equipment and access to a field. If that is the case, wiffle ball is a perfect alternative to enjoy the game of baseball with your friends. The rules are the same, but all you need is a plastic bat and a wiffle ball (which are inexpensive and available at most sporting good stores and even some drug stores). Gloves are not necessarily needed to catch a wiffle ball, and the game can be played in a field as small as a front yard. You could get together with other kids from the neighborhood to organize friendly tournaments and crown a champion at the end of the summer!

Decorate a Room with a Baseball Theme

Have you ever dreamed about transforming a bedroom or the game room in your home with a baseball motif? Why not make that your big summer project! There are plenty of baseball-inspired furniture and decorations you can buy, as well as make, to turn any room in your home into your slice of baseball heaven. For example, you can work on creating a custom display case for your memorabilia or install some baseball themed fixtures, such as curtains or any one our popular ceiling fans featuring designs from all 30 MLB teams.