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Showing Pride For Your Alma Mater


Its hard not to look back on our time spent in college with nostalgia. Pulling all-night study sessions, loafing around the quad between classes, and budgeting for pizza is just as important as doing so for rent and bills. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and relive your glory days, but we call all express our affection for the time we spent at school by showing pride our respective schools. Here are some of the ways you can do just that:

Organize A Reunion

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for so many things besides sharing pictures of cats. It also presents the prefect opportunity to reach out and re-connect with old classmates that you might have lost touch with. Try reaching out to some of them and organizing a get together, maybe at one of your old college haunts for an added ounce of nostalgia.

Deck Out a Room in School Colors

Nothing says you love your school like dedicating an entire room in your home to it. Were not just talking about a couple pieces of memorabilia either. We mean a paint job in the school colors, posters, furniture, and anything else you can find with your schools logo and colors on it. And while you’re at it, how about throwing in a school- themed ceiling fan? We have a wide selection of fans representing a ton of the major schools, including DukeMiami, and Alabama.


Schools always love it when alumni stay active on campus in any capacity. Check out the schools website and see what the other alumnus are up to and see how you can get involved. It could be anything from helping clean up the campus, organizing events, or simply showing up to root on one of the teams. If you have since moved away, you can always contribute financially and make a difference as well.

Decorating Tips For Your Little Superhero!

As children, we grow up idolizing a lot of different people. Even though posters and memorabilia of actors, musicians, and athletes lined our walls and shelves, only superheroes captured both our attention and our imagination. It was always fun dreaming about being able to fly like Superman, breathe underwater like Aquaman, or have a secret cave chalked full of [...]

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Famous Warbirds Throughout History

One of the most common questions we get about are products is “can you tell me more about the warbird fans and the planes they are based off of?” It’s a great question, as they are hands-down the most unique products we offer, so we thought that we would take some time to give you a bit of history [...]

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Build the Ultimate Football Fan Cave This Season

With the start of football season right around the corner, there’s no better time than right now to take action to build the ultimate football fan cave. Whether you love the Seahawks or the Patriots, the Steelers or the Bears—not to mention the 200+ college football teams that will by vying for the national championship this year—here are some [...]

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The Perfect Ceiling Fan For Every Gearhead

Every family has at least one member who is crazy about motor sports. Whether its NASCAR, Drag Racing, Motocross or even toy race cars, Ceiling Fan Designers has an awesome fan to decorate your favorite gear head's favorite space. These 42" lighted ceiling fans are flush mounted to fit low ceilings, measuring just 12'5" from top to bottom. The 120-volt, 3-speed [...]

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Celebrating Baseball This Summer

When you think about things you love about summer, what comes to mind? There seems to be an endless list, but there are a few things will pop up for everyone: barbeques, trips to the beach, and of course baseball! Baseball and the summertime go hand-in-hand; everyone has memories of cheering on your favorite team from the stands on [...]

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Tips on Decorating Your Child's Room

A child’s bedroom is more than a just a place to sleep. Rather, it is the place where children go to feel secure and to express their ideas. Without careful planning your child’s room can turn into a stock pile of toys and other valueless items. Often times, cluttered unorganized spaces lead to sketchy ideas and [...]

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