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Greatest College Football Programs Infographic

College football season is coming to a close, and the Bowl Season is just around the corner. BCS glory and a place in the annals of college football lore awaits some teams, while disappointment and resigned optimism for "next year" awaits others. As a provider of custom ceiling fans for the biggest programs in college football, Ceiling Fan Designers knows just how passionate many college football fans are. From sports bars, to man caves, to game rooms, our ceiling fans are featured in rooms belonging to the most loyal fans of the biggest names in college football from around the country

As such, we thought it would be fun to look at the Greatest College Football Programs and Coaches of all time. Using a scoring method derived by http://scout.com, and publicly available data related to program and coaching performances, we have created the following infographic paying tribute to the greatest college programs of all time.

If you'd like to re-post this infographic on your own site or blog, please use the embed code at the bottom of this page:

Greatest College Football Programs Infographic

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